Easy Peasy Blanket Finish

I started my Easy Peasy Blanket #EPBlanket back in April 2020. I was inspired by a project shared by Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes.

It was my 'Strange Days' Covid crochet project and a nice way to just sit with my balls of colourful squishy yarn and disconnect from all of the doom and gloom around me.

You can read all about it in these previous posts: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3

I finished the squares a few months ago and then crocheted the sash and outer borders with a navy blue yarn. For some reason, I started the final scalloped edge but then stopped working on the project and left if folded up on my sewing table for weeks. 

It was getting in the way but the weather was warming up and I wasn't inclined to sit with a hot blanket on my lap. And then, wouldn't you know it, the weather regressed and we've had about a week of cold and rainy days. I was out of excuses so picked up the blanket and a few evenings of crocheting the edge and it's finished. A big yay, and a big sigh of relief. 

I found a bit crack on my car windscreen yesterday *insert sad face here* and so while I waited for the windscreen replacement man to come round, I wove in and trimmed any ends I could see on the back of the blanket. When the sun comes out again next week, I'll block it so that it sits nice and flat. 

It's nice to have a finished project and another UFO ticked off my list.


  1. What a fun and colourful blanket. Your sashing and border finished it off nicely.

  2. Love your crocheted blanket with the bright happy colors. I can not crochet but very happy I can quilt to keep busy during these strange days.

  3. Your blanket looks wonderful...& was a PeRFecT project for the bad weather we've just experienced too. Love the scallop edge too...xox

  4. Nice work on the blanket...very colourful and cosy looking.

  5. What a gorgeous blanket! I love the bright colours framed by the dark borders. Absolutely beautiful!

  6. I just love how this turned out! The colors are fantastic, and your stitches are very neat. I can't imagine what a big pile of yarn you must have started with to include all those colors. Will you get to use the afghan next winter? Or are you giving it away?


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