Tulip Quilt Block

Are you dreaming of spring flowers? If there is a flower that comes into my mind, when I think of spring, it's the tulip. 

It's the start of autumn, which means that it's time to plant our bulbs here. We've not been very successful when it comes to growing beautiful blooms from bulbs - I think our climate is possibly too warm?

When we visited England in 2018, I snapped a lot of pictures of flowers, especially tulips. The English do tulips very, very well. 

What's 'almost' as great as a real tulip? 
Well, a fabric one - of course!

I used Nadra's (Ellis & Higgs) pattern to create these lovely Tulip  Blocks. As with all of Nadra's patterns, this block was very easy to follow with step by step images for block assembly. I made the 12" and the 6" blocks. The tulip block is one of the new spring blocks released at Ellis & Higgs. They're all so cute and I just want to make one of each.

Do you have a favourite spring flower? 


  1. I love the spring flowers more than the rest of the year, they are always so bright and hopeful after the dull winter. I love to have daffodils in the kitchen when they firs that the shops, my husband always buys me tulips for Valentine's day, also I adore the colours of the crocus. I just really like spring flowers. Now we are under lockdown I wish we had more planted in the garden as these are the only ones I will see for a while. x

  2. Tulips are so pretty and I do love your blocks. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures on your blog.

  3. My favourite garden plant is Fuchsia and I have about 6 varieties :)

  4. You have "grown" some pretty tulips.

  5. Your tulip blocks are lovely, my favourite spring flower would be the daffodil, love the bright yellow after winter.

  6. Oh I do love the tulips and tulip quilts maybe almost as much.:)


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