Quilted Coaster Thingies

After posting yesterday about the tulip quilt blocks, I decided to quilt the small one.

I sandwiched it with a backing and batting and stitched in all of the ditches. Yesterday evening, I got some Aurifil 12 weight cotton threads and added some embellishment with big stitches in matching colours.

This morning, I went through my scrap tub and found a strip of my most favourite black/white stripe fabric and used it to bind this little quilty coaster thingy. 

It got me thinking... I seem to have a habit of turning little blocks into quilty coaster thingies (or is it thingys?).

And it's not just little blocks - sometimes I just use scraps to practice new techniques or new quilting designs or really, just when I feel the need to sew something.

Some are more embellished that others, I guess it was all dependent on my mood at the time or what phase I was going through.

I have a stack of these quilty coaster thingies and thought I'd take them out for a photo shoot this morning. There are quite a few. It's lucky I did take some pictures early, because the weather has turned and it's now raining.

What have you been doing to distract yourself from all of the doom and gloom happening in the world right now? 

I'm finding that I'm very distracted and not able to concentrate for any length of time. 

My kids are staying at home now, so I've been trying to help them with school work. They're doing really well and haven't needed any nagging on my part to get things done. The school has been excellent in preparing them in the last couple of weeks for distance education and the teachers assign work plus extra work covering a couple of extra days in advance.

My kids are so different - one kid is keeping with the school schedule and one is trying to get everything done so they can have the rest of the week off. 


Kay said...

Oh my, you do have quite a stack. They look fabulous all together. The question is, do you use them as coasters? They would also be great covering a wall space. x

Libby said...

Thanks for sharing your stack of thingy's.......It was so pleasing to see "HAPPY"
on the internet......Gonna try it myself !!!!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Love all your tips and little extra's you sewed onto your mats - great looking pile of coasters :)

Lisa C said...

I turn test blocks, fabric leftovers, etc. into potholders. I then give them as gifts or I sell them to a friend who has a large family and she uses them as gifts at Christmas. This year I plan to give every female in my family who comes to Thanksgiving two Christmas potholders for use during December. Making potholders is a great way to test fabrics, patterns, and use up bits and pieces. I have about 18 finished for this year and 10 more in the binding stage.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Anorina, you are so creative and very inspiring.
I have also been distracted and feeling a bit like multitasking is not really working for me, but it is the only way I do things now. I am not used to staying home, I am usually running around wishing I had time for things.....
I am sewing.
I need to sanitize my car, and wash my coat etc.
Kids are funny. My daughters were the same. One was get it all done now, the other "one thing at a time". I do not know which is better. haha it is just a way their minds work. I was a get it all done person, and sometimes, but rarely, a "don't do it at all, why bother" seriously!! terrible haha
We are getting pizza for dinner. Hubbs is accomplishing things. I went out this morning and got bananas and yogurt for my daddy and delivered the things to his community. It is raining so I will go tomorrow and do his laundry, it will be sunny
Keep making and sharing wonderful things. I love your creativity

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Hi Kay, honestly, no, I don't let anyone in the house use them as coasters just yet. I've made scrappy coasters for my family to use - when those are too awful we might start to use these ones. For now, they will stay nice and pretty (and clean) for me to admire. Hah!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I'd love to see more quilty coastery thingies all over the internet. How fun! Hope you're well x

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Thanks Lesley. I think I'd cry if anyone actually used them and possibly spilled milk shakes or hot chocolates on them. Hope you're well x

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

This is such a wonderful idea and a great way to have your gift box ready with items.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Yes! I too spend my time running around wishing I had more time for things at home, and yet, now I do have time, I feel like I can't just sit and do those things.
Hope your family (and your whole community in general) are keeping well and healthy. It's such an uncertain time for everyone and the sooner this pandemic is over, the better. I think Australia still has a ways to go though.
Take care xx