Linen + Lawn Table Runner

I have one last curvy project to share this week (month). It's been my mission to play around with curved piecing through February and it's not been 'all' bad.

I made a fun little table runner with some natural essex linen combined with some Japanese Lawn prints. I chose to go with these more autumnal colours -  in the hope that autumn isn't too far away.

I love the look of the linen and lawn combination, even though they're such different fabrics to work with. Once I had a good length table runner, I sandwiched it with batting and backing and quilted it.  

The machine quilting is quite "organic" and then I thought, why not add a little bit more hand stitching detail? So I used DMC cotton in size 8 for extras.

I watched a class online by Jackie Kunkel called Contemporary Curves: Double Wedding Ring Quilts. In this video, Jackie shows us that it's not super hard to sew curves and even shares some fantastic tips on how to line up those curvy edges (without pins). 

I might need to start a Double Wedding Ring Quilt soon. 
Have you made one before?


  1. I just love your table runner.... you come up with brilliant ideas... I have a 'curved' piecing project as a UFO … I need to do more...

    1. Thanks Fiona - I'm glad you liked it :)
      It was fun to do those extra stitches in front of the telly these past few evenings.

  2. You have had a very successful month with your curves.

  3. This is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it and also I must go over and watch the video about curves. x

  4. Absolutely delightful! I love the combination of machine and hand quilting.

  5. Anorina, this table runner is very pretty
    This is a great idea. I really should make a bunch of these and placemats for everyone I love. You are always very inspiring


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