Conquering Quilty Fears - Curves

As quilters, we often avoid curved piecing because we think it's too hard or are just not comfortable with the process. 

Last month, I played with improvisation and now for my February Conquering Quilty Fears challenge, I will be concentrating on sewing curves. Yikes! The thought of piecing curves almost makes me break out into a cold sweat.

There are a tonne of tutorials available online for different techniques for piecing curves. I just sat down and watched Clever Curves: Piecing Techniques by Toby Lischko. It is truly excellent. Toby has been sewing curved quilts for years and gives us some fabulous tips and tricks that she's discovered from her own experiences.

I often find myself playing quilting or sewing, crochet, drawing, baking videos while I'm in the sewing room. I can be working on one thing and then be inspired by what I've seen (or heard) that I'm already planning my next project.

I've downloaded the course material and plan on making a start on Toby's Hourglass Quilt pattern (image is above - right).

There are tonnes of free videos on YouTube. 

Videos not your thing? 

There are a lot of blogs and websites with step by step photos and excellent written instructions for piecing curves.  There are all sorts of free patterns which include templates or which instruct on how to use specialty curved rulers.

Some great links for learning more about sewing with curves:

Red Pepper Quilts - Cutting and Sewing Free Hand Curves
Red Pepper Quilts - Sewing Curves without Pins
Diary of a Quilter
Suzy Quilts - How to Sew Curves in a Quilt

I'll be playing with, practising and perfecting curved piecing through February and I'll be sharing my curvy makes at the end of the month. Feel free to join me and have some fun (is this really the right word??) with curves.

My February OMG project will be a finished pieced curved quilt to share with you at the end of the month. 


  1. Oh good for you! Curves are scary - but I know you will conquer!!

  2. Curves are indeed a scary thing! Looking forward to seeing your version of the Hourglass Quilt!

  3. Excellent post! Very encouraging for someone who is fearful of trying. I, for one, love curves! So I’m pleased to see your post encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and at least give it a try! Starting large helped me take the plunge.

  4. Anorina: I can see why curves would be scary, I have a problem with curves when stitching clothing.
    Have a wonderful week.


  5. Happy curves! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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