Improv Liberty Kantha-Style Pillow

When you go on holiday, do you spend a lot of time thinking about what sewing projects you'll take along for the journey? Me too! 

For our trip last month, I checked-in a large tea tin filled with prepared hexies with visions of sitting on a cruise ship, slowly making hexie flowers on sea days.

The day before we left, I quickly sewed together a Liberty improv panel and adhered some fusible pellon to the back. I was ready for some Kantha style stitching. I took a few little spools of Aurifil 12wt cotton thread (because they're small and portable) a needle and my try little dental floss container (for cutting thread on the plane).

It's quite a long flight between Sydney and LA - plenty of time to watch movies and slowly stitch rows and rows of pretty coloured cotton thread to my lovely Liberty piece.

I finished the cushion project on the weekend. When putting these types of projects together, I always worry that my stitches might become loose after I square off the Liberty panel, so I always like to machine sew right around the square before I do any trimming. I turn my stitch length down to around 1.5 and I think this helps to ensure all my ends are secured.

I chose to this super cute bulldog print fabric for the back of my cushion. I bought it a few years ago from a quilt show and it's a lovely thick decor weight fabric. It almost feels like a canvas or a sturdy linen.

This cushion is all mine and is sitting on the day-lounge at the end of our bedroom. This is the place where all of my good cushions go so that they don't get sat on or squished out of shape. And then I have the pleasure of seeing them when I go to bed at night and when I leave the room in the morning. My family have plenty of other cushions to sit on and squish to their heart's content, in the family room.

Do you have a place where you like to keep and display your "special" pillows or cushions?

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  1. Beautiful cushion, love the backing fabric. I have one special cuhion and it's on the chair in the sewing room, which is covered by wip's. Your cushion was a great project to take away with you.


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