Purple Liberty Kantha-Style Pillow

Why yes, I have caught the kantha style stitching bug. Another day and I have another pillow to share here today. 

I made this one with the intention of using mostly purple prints though have mixed in some other colours to balance it out. 

After improv piecing the Liberty top, I fused it to a lofty piece of pellon and got to work stitching the lovely long running stitches with various perle (size 8) cotton colours. 

My friend Ali of Arabesque Scissors has a wonderful, step by step tutorial on her blog on "How to create the tassels in 7 easy steps" which can be used to decorate the corners of the pillow. 

This piece took a few days of stitching and all too soon, it came to an end. I have ideas running through my head on how I can use this method to create a large quilt - but in panels (for portability and ease of stitching). Unlike my usual style of doing things, this fabric is too precious to jump right in.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Great work!!

  2. You've done an impeccable job Anorina! I love all the purples, and your stitching is always perfect! Thanks for linking to my tassel tutorial xAli


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