Pink Liberty Kantha-Style Pillow

I've caught the stitching bug! For someone who lost their sewing mojo for a while, picking up a needle and thread to stitch along with a group on Instagram has certainly helped bring back my inclination to sew, sew, sew.

After finishing my blue Liberty Kantha Table Runner last week, I felt at a loss. I had enjoyed the process so much, that I was a little bit sad when the project was finished. I decided that I needed to start another one... fast!

For this next project, I chose to go with the warmer shades from my stash of Liberty fabric. It's another improvisational patchwork piece made up with mostly pinks & reds. 

The fabric panel was approximately 19" square. I fused it to a quite lofty piece of pellon to see how it would work. My previous project had been sandwiched with a piece of cotton batting like I would use in a regular quilt.

Again, I used perle cotton in size 8 for the stitching and chose a few complimentary colours to work with. Honestly, I think I stitched up this piece within a couple of days. The texture is just divine!

I squared it up to 18" and made it into a pillow. The backing is a plane linen fabric which I lightly quilted on my machine. 

Today, it's going to live in a new home at a friends house. She has just bought her first home and I think the addition of a lovely pink textured cushion to her couch might make her smile.


  1. It'm looks great. Were you happy with the fused pellon?

    1. Thanks Andee. Yes I was quite happy with how the pellon worked out. It gave a lovely "puffy" result.


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