Liberty Kantha Table Runner

So I hadn't posted in over a month, and now it's two blog posts in two days! Gosh, let's see how well I can keep up this momentum ;-)

Liberty Kantha Table Runner by Anorina Morris

Vintage Liberty Fabrics

Over on Instagram, @tinacatsew and @ava_and_neve are once again hosting the
#libertysocietykanthastitchalong which is a lot of fun. Ava & Neve are THE place to shop for Liberty fabrics here in Australia so with some fabrics I have from their store along with some fabrics which a friend sent over from England, I decided to join in the fun this year.

I measured how long I wanted it, so that it'd fit perfectly on my coffee table, and then improv pieced a long Liberty patchwork panel. 

I sandwiched it with some lovely silky pre-packaged batting I'd bought from the Fat Quarter Shop and a long backing piece and set to work stitching those lovely slow stitches with perle 8 cotton. I'm using a mix of colours for my stitching which I've bought over the years. Finally I have a project in which to use that variegated purple/blue/grey ball.

Liberty Kantha Table Runner (progress) by Anorina Morris

At first, I was stitching a little bit 'willy nilly' but then decided that I would do better with lines. I have now drawn up some lines (with removal ink) which range between around 1/8" to 1/2" and I'm happier with this method. It means I can sit and stitch in front of the telly without worrying (too much) about it being crooked.

So far, so good and I am absolutely in love with the texture. I can't help but run my hands over the top of the piece. Love it!

The back looks almost as good as the front 


  1. it's beautiful.....

  2. Beautiful. The texture on the back looks yummy.

  3. wonderful work, its beautiful!

  4. It is looking lovely and I do like the look the hand stitching creates.

  5. Love the texture and can understand why you keep running your hands over it. :-) Loved the pillow you made as well.


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