Bake Stuff & Christmas Movies (FREE PATTERN)

Christmas sewing is the best sewing, don't you think? There's nothing better than sitting down to stitch something festive in the lead up to Christmas - especially with a Christmas movie playing in the background and the smell of sugar cookies baking in the oven... which leads me to this latest Christmas design.

I just want to bake stuff and watch Christmas movies

Can anyone else relate?

I shared images on social and had a lot of questions about a pattern. 

In all honesty, I kind-of 'made it up' as I went along. After stitching up the words, using DMC Perle 8 cotton, I made the patchwork panels to fit around the stitchery. I used little 2" squares of 'Cozy Christmas' fabric by Lori Holt which is super cute.

I think it'd look fabulous on a tea towel or apron but honestly, the uses are only limited by imagination.

On my cushion, I stitched in the ditch and then decided to add some hand quilting. Rather than just hand sewing diagonally across the squares, I thought it'd be fun to make circles. 

Oh, the texture is just delicious.

I'm sending this cushion to a swap partner for the Saturday Night Craft Along group on Instagram. I really hope my partner likes this gift I made for her. I've also transferred the design to more fabric so I can stitch it up and make something for myself.

You can never have too many Christmas cushions, right?


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