Smitten Quilt {Progress}

Smitten Quilt

This past week, I've taken my Smitten quilt out to do some more work on it. It's been an "on-again, off-again" type of project which for me, seems to take such a long time but doesn't look like it's growing quickly enough (for my liking).

I go through stages of hand sewing the big EPP blocks, sewing them to the quilt and thinking to myself, more blocks, more blocks, MORE BLOCKS! Then I fold it all up and hide it for a few weeks/months until the urge strikes to make some more or when I'm in between projects and looking for something to keep my hands busy.

Admittedly, my version of the smitten quilt long ago morphed into a whole new version of the original Smitten Quilt (designed by Lucy Kingwell). I'm making it up as I go along with variations of the blocks in the original, but in my own layout.

At this stage, I think I'll add another row of the big blocks at the bottom and then straighten up the bottom edge with the 1/2 blocks. At the rate I'm going, this could take me into 2019 and beyond...

It's the last weekend of the spring school holidays here. This afternoon, we're off to Monster Jam in Sydney. It takes just over an hour to get there, so I might just go and prepare EPP pieces so I can make use of the time and sew in the car (while hubby drives of course).


  1. this is gorgeous Anorina,well done xx

  2. It's looking lovely, so bright & interesting!

  3. this is very beautiful so far. Really a masterpiece.
    I just jumped on the hexie wagon so I will see how far this obsession takes me haha


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