Some new PJ Name Pillows

I have some new quilted PJ Name Pillows to share today; one for Alfie and one for Owen. This is my go-to project for kids gifts. A cute pillow for their bed, with a very deep envelope style back so that they can fold and store their PJ's during the day. 

Well, fold and store would be in a ideal world.... does any kid every really fold or store anything?

Alfie is a baby and isn't able to tell me what colours he likes or what he's interested in just yet... so for now, his pillow in light yellow, blue, grey and cream. If he decides that robots or soccer or superheroes are more this thing,  I'll have an excuse to make him a new one in a few years.

Owen on the other hand, is absolutely crazy about dinosaurs. They're his most favourite thing in the whole wide world! Orange is his favourite colour (it matches his gorgeous hair). I gave Owen his gift on Friday at his birthday dinner. When he unwrapped it, the look on his face was pure joy. He looked at me and asked "You made this, for me?"

Oh, to get this wide-eyed, delighted reaction from everyone I ever hand make things for.


  1. such a great idea for a gift

  2. I love to see names on cushions - in the UK we call 'bed cushions' pillows :)

  3. Oh these pillows are a sweet idea! When I was young, I used to fold my PJs up and put them under my bed pillow. I like this idea and think I'll keep it in mind.
    xx, Carol

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