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Welcome to my Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt Tuesday. Can I get a great big YAHOOOO for purple week!!!

I like purple. It's in my top 5 favourite colours. But it seems that designers and fabric manufacturers, don't really like to produce much purple, or it's variations, in their fabric lines.

None the less, I delved into the fabric tub and came up with enough purple, lilac, lavender, violet and mauve bits and pieces to create a column for my quilt. 

This purple column is thinner than most of the others, but I think it'll be fine and fit in, just the same. 

I really wanted to start putting together the columns of the colours that I have already made... but restrained myself (for now). It's a work in progress, so who knows... I may still need to add some more length to the columns... or add extra columns of the already made colours. 

Do you like purple? 
Do you have many purple pieces in your wardrobe? 
Do you use purple in your sewing projects? 

Here's a look back at some projects where I used bits of purple:

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  1. I love the purple panel, though they all look great.


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