Autumn 2018


Finger Eggplants

It's the beginning of my most favourite season - AUTUMN.

Finally the heat of the past few months is breaking and even though the days can still be warm, the nights are cooler, which makes sleeping so much better. 

In the garden, we've spent the last few weeks removing most of the summer plants, turning and replenishing the soil and getting it all ready for the winter crops. 

Inspired by "Gardening Australia" we planted some
late summer (early February) crops which are looking great. Zucchini, cucumbers and sweet corn.

I'm not sure how much they'll produce, but we'll give them a few weeks until the winter crop seedlings are ready to go into the ground.

Speaking of seedlings, there was nothing in these seed trays when I misted some water and closed the greenhouse for the evening. I just went out to the garden with my camera and saw these babies all beginning to sprout and grow. You may need to zoom in, but there is broccoli growing. Yay!

Lettuce and Broccoli

Sweet Basil


My son received a little package of sunflower seeds a couple of weeks ago during a school welcoming assembly. It was a symbolic gesture about the students being the seeds and with all of the wonders of school life, they'd soon turn into sunflowers... or something along those lines. You get the gist, right?

He took great pride in planting them in an old egg carton and watching them grow. These will go into the ground in a few more weeks and hopefully he'll have some great big beautiful sunflowers when we come back from our holiday in May.


I love lavender and have been trying to grow some new plants from cuttings. It looks so easy when they show us on the gardening shows on television. So far, I've had no luck. After a while, the cuttings just turning brown and die. These have been in the soil for a few weeks and so far, so good. Fingers crossed!!

Lavender cuttings



Garlic Chives

I hope you've enjoyed taking a little tour around my garden. It's coming along nicely. We have a step-down section along our back fence where the fruit trees grow on one side and on the other side it's usually potatoes or tomatoes.

We've decided to give up about a metre of back lawn (all the way along the back of the property) to make another tier (or step), slightly higher than whats there now. This will give us another level for growing food and flowers. It's going to be a slow project which can only happen when hubby is home and if the weather is kind to us. I probably won't be much help, but I can fetch tools, give out drinks and take progress photos.


  1. nothing beats home grown veggies and well done to Sam ,cant wait to see his Sun flowers come up xx

  2. Lovely garden pics! Here in New York USA, we're having another blast of snow. Spring will be here soon, right?


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