Think Pink... the story of a Christmas tree

Pink Christmas Tree
Pink Christmas Tree

Quilted Pink Penguin - Christmas Tree Skirt
Quilted Pink Penguin - Christmas Tree Skirt

It was last year when I was "wasting time" scrolling through Pinterest that I saw the most beautiful pink Christmas tree. 

BTW: I say "wasting time" because honestly, it is the biggest sapper of my time. Sitting and scrolling and thinking "geez, that's so pretty. I could make that..." and then some more scrolling and "oohing and aahing"... you get the drift.

I made it my mission to get myself a pink Christmas tree for this year, but quickly realized how difficult it would be to buy one in a regular local store. I searched Kmart, Target, Big W, Myer and a bunch of the cheap dollar stores with no luck. I decided to broaden my search online and before I knew it, I was entering my credit card details and ordering a big pink tree from eBay.

It arrived relatively quickly (within a few days of ordering) so my rule of not decorating until 1 December went straight out the window. Decorating this tree was going to pose a bit of a challenge but in the end, I decided on buying some new silver/white baubles and teeny twinkle lights from Kmart (HOW GOOD IS KMART?!?!).

Today, I decided to make a Christmas tree skirt. It was never going to be anything too big or traditional, so when I found this most awesome pink penguin holiday fabric on my shelf, I knew it was destiny.

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I made a quilt sandwich and quilted it with a loopy meandering design and was quite pleased with the outcome.

Loopy quilting

Hmmm... not quite a circle shape

The next step was to cut it out into a circle. This is where the story falls over. Finding a big enough circle shape didn't work, so I thought I'd be clever and fold the fabric in half and then half again, traced out the curve of a large round platter and then cut out the quarter circle. In theory, it was going to be magical and when opening up would make one great big beautiful circle... the reality wasn't quite as I'd imagined.

You know what, I liked the flowery sort-of shape and decided to go with it. I cut the side opening and a hole in the centre and bound it with black bias binding. 

Who wants a boring old round Christmas tree skirt anyways?

Pink Christmas Tree and Quilted Penguin Christmas Tree Skirt


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