Sewing Mojo Mini Quilts

Over the weekend, I made the most of the Craftsy sale and purchased the Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Mini class by Suzy Quilts. I've been a long time fan of Suzy Williams and just knew that her class would be total fun. What I didn't know was how quickly I'd want to make the class quilts! 

At this stage, I've only watched half the course (2 quilts) but was so inspired that I dropped everything to go and make the quilt after watching the class. So much fun!

One of the hardest parts about creating these litte projects is knowing when to stop quilting. I machine quilted each piece and then matched up perle cotton to do a little hand quilting too. It's all improvisational and so much fun!

I had and old frame in the garage which turned out to be the perfect size for my 2 quilts. My little miss has claimed them for her bedroom. I think I'll make the next two quilts in boy-ish colours and frame them for my son's room. 


  1. Your minis turned out gorgeous and framed like they are, you talked me into buying Suzy's Craftsy class! Come mid-January, my sewing mojo needs some pumping up, so this will be perfect! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I'm going to work on the curvy projects this week. The class is so much fun to watch and honestly, after a bit of a sewing slump lately, I was instantly inspired to get back to my machine.

  2. I always love your fresh ideas and the fabrics you put together then add bits like hand quilting.. you really are very clever with them...

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  4. These are super cool! I love that you framed them up like that!

  5. I love this. It is a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  6. Just lovely! The addition of the hand quilting always makes a project extra special. :-)


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