QUILTING: Flourishing Cushions

It's been a while since I last posted here. I hadn't meant to neglect this little space for so long, but life has just been super busy with illnesses and school holidays mixed with the disappearance of my sewing mojo. Actually not just the sewing mojo - the whole crafting mojo seems to be on hiatus!

I love sewing and creating and I know that I just need to "start" to get going again. So to try and get back into the swing of it, I made a couple of cushions. Cushions are my go-to as they're quick to make, but useful too. I made a magazine quilt (which I can't show you just yet) with the Fleet & Flourish fabric range by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics. I don't normally go for these sorts of big prints or colour palette, but I must say that I really enjoyed working outside of my usual comfort zone.

I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt the quilt, so I made a sample (3" squares) to practise a quilting design I saw on Pinterest. It was time to change up my usual stippling. The quilt design is quite simple, but very effective and contemporary. Find the quilting instructions HERE.

I made the sample into a great big cushion for the couch and with the remaining selvedges, I made a smaller cushion in the QAYG method (and then quilted the back of the cushion in that same leaf pattern).

Two new cushions for my couch and hopefully, the return of my sewing mojo ;-)

What do you do to bring back your creativity?


  1. Nice to have your mojo back..it's really hard to back into crafting sometimes..Lovely cushions....thanks for the quilting link...

  2. I had to laugh when I read that these aren't your favorite colors (brave to say!) because I just don't like Denyse Schmidt's fabric (I know this Maureen's) and I sometimes think I'm the only one. We each have our likes and dislikes and it's nice to see someone being honest! Good luck on your sewjo. Sometimes it just takes a nap and we have to wake it up.

  3. glad you are still blogging.... it's still my favourite social medium... the cushions are great and I love the quilting you chose and did so lovely...

  4. Love the cushions! What I do? I look at books (quilting, art books, etc), and Instagram. Seeing what others create inspire me!


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