Dream Big Quilted Pillow

I have a new pillow creation to share with you today. I made it especially for a girl who is in my son's grade at school. She's just turned 11 and is a lovely, friendly girl who is just a joy to be around. 

Rather than appliqueing her name on the pillow, I thought I'd go with 'Dream Big' which seems a little more grown-up. 

The floral patchwork and applique fabric is Japanese Lawn which is just so soft and delicate. I was reminded of the delicacy when I was sewing the squares together with too thick a needle and thread. The stitches were all a little bit puckered and not pretty at all. I changed over to finer thread and needle on my machine and hand no problems from there. 

A little bit of quilting across the squares, and some straight lines on the cream canvas. I added a little bit of cotton lace trim (because cotton lace trim makes everything extra pretty) on the edges of the canvas. I finished the cushion top with some hand quilting along the edge of the trim (just because).

I finished this pillow with envelope style back and even added a little label. 

I really hope she likes it and finds a space for it in her bedroom.

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  1. This pillow is a dream for me now cause I am super tired after the handmadewritings writing assignments. I think that I should try to sew something similar. Thanks for the post!


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