Scrap-Busting Coasters

Got scraps from a “just finished” project? How about small pieces of batting that you trim for the edge of a quilt? Use them to create some scrappy coasters.

Honestly, these are the easiest little projects to make. I probably make these every few weeks and either use them at home, gift them in scrappy sets of 6 or just store them in lovely piles in my sewing room (for future re-gifting).

I start by getting my pieces of batting ready. I trim to have perfect straight edges and then take them over to the sewing machine - butt the edges and change my machine to a zig-zag stitch. I like fairly long, but not overly spaced out zig-zags. Once I’ve put a few of these together I can start my scrappy coasters.

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I back the piece of batting with fabric (it’s perfect way to use up those “what was I thinking when I bought these” fat quarters). Sometimes I cut down the pieces into squares and sometimes I make a long QAYG piece and then cut down to 6” squares (or really whatever size works for the top). It’s all dependant on the scraps I have available right at that precise moment.

Some are just strips of fabric; sewn and flipped and quilted and then the next piece is sewn, flipped, quilted etc… Sometimes I try a mini Log-Cabin design. 

Sometimes I embellish or add appliqué or some hand quilting. It all depends on the mood and what pieces I have readily available right then and there.

Have you tried making scrappy coasters? 

What’s your favourite method?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anorina,they look fantastic,well done,i havent ever made any,maybe time i did,lol xx

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Hi Shez,

Ooooh yes I hope you do. They’re a fun way to use up immediate scraps (rather than just putting them in the scrap tub).

Personally, I use these all the time. I have coasters like this on the coffee table, a small stack on the dining table and a couple in my sewing room.

I’m what you could call a scrappy coaster addict ;-)

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Unknown said...

These are a great idea. I usually use scraps to make hot pads for my family. This is another way to gift items. Thank you for the post.

jambo said...

I want to say "great job, again" Anorina. Another gift to add to my list of Bunko gifts. These will come in perfectly welcomed by friends I like to make a happy for. These are quite lovely and can be made for any of the four seasons not to mention an old Family Christmas Gift! Thanks again

Lana Stewart said...

I love your coasters! I'm inspired now to make some! They would be perfect to make for my roommates in an upcoming embroidery retreat! Your coasters are beautiful!

Dianne Ross said...

Great idea. Must do some. Thanks.

Lisa C said...

I make a gazillion hot pads. It's funny that even people who don't cook want them!