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Last summer, we had a pool installed. For weeks, we watched and waited while the pool men did their thing. They brought the machinery in to dig the hole and the other machinery to take away the soil. The crane then closed off the street for about 10 minutes while a huge crane, lifted the pool over the garage and into the back yard. It was a sight to behold and I admit, I did hold my breath until it was safely over. The weather heated up, but we had to wait until they gave us the final go-ahead to have our first dip. It takes a while after the pool is in the ground and filled, before actually swimming.


Not long after the pool was installed, my husband and father enjoyed some male bonding time by building the deck around the pool. Power tools seemed to be whirring and buzzing for days, but finally, they were done. The kids could finally go and swim and I wouldn't have to chase after them if they walked through the freshly turned earth with wet feet and into the house.

Earlier this year, we had a solar heating system installed to prolong our swimming time (hopefully into May/June - wouldn't that be nice?)

When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance, I leave it up to the man. He vacuums and scoops and fusses around the pool (and honestly, seems to enjoy this - I know, weirdo). Every week during the hot months, he fills a little bottle with pool water and checks the chemical levels. It's usually within the desired range, though with this amount of crazy rain we've had lately, the pool is filled up to the brim and he'll probably need to do a little extra work to get the chemical level balanced.

On our wish list this summer is a new pool vacuum. One which is durable and just lives in the pool and is programmed to clean up when we're not in there and get rid of all of the leaves, bugs and spiders. Yes, spiders! We had a massive wolf spider floating around in the pool the other week and it was no fun. I can tell you, a system which sucks up spiders (without me having to see them) will certainly provide peace of mind.

We've looked at a number of pool cleaner options - and there are a lot of different brands (which I'd not heard of) and different cleaning systems. A pool cleaner is quite a big investment. Being unfamiliar with these brands, not knowing where they're manufactured and for what sorts of conditions, is a little daunting. 

But then, there's Kreepy Krauly - Kreepy Krauly is an Australian company offering a range of different cleaners to suit any pool. You may not know this, but Kreepy Krauly are still 100% made in Australia and the Facebook page is looked after by Kreepy Krauly staff at head office that produce and design these cleaners, in Western Australia. Starting at around $500, they're fantastic cleaning systems, made and designed for the tough Australian conditions.

The Kreepy Krauly site  is easy to explore and offers a guide on choosing the correct pool cleaning system for your style of swimming pool. Kreepy Krauly also offer an obligation free, in home demonstration which will eliminate purchasing or choosing the wrong system for your needs.

Last week, Gene came out to our home to give us a Kreepy Krauly demonstration. Our initial phone conversation about pool type (fibre glass or concrete), pool size, do we get a lot of leaves or dust in the pool etc, gave him an idea on what type of vacuum system which would best suit our needs and environment.
He arrived right on time with a VTX-7 and proceeded to put it together, explaining all of the key features as he went along.

The VTX-7 is one of those systems which you can be set and then forgotten. With its flexible hose and adjustable steering system, it thoroughly cleans the pool from top to bottom and all of the sides and even scrubs so my husband doesn’t have to. It even comes with an automatic vacuum control, no fiddly valve, which helps with removing floating debris and even maybe spiders….

Kreepy Krauly  are running some fantastic competitions right now including the opportunity to win a $10,000 backyard wish. Just purchase a Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner from an authorised dealer or Clark Rubber store and complete the official entry form.  Visit the website for all of the terms and conditions: Kreepy Krauly Competitions

It makes you stop and wonder, doesn't it? If you had $10,000 to update/upgrade something in your backyard, what would you choose to do?

I think I'd like some funky outdoor furniture or perhaps some new veggie planter tubs. I asked the family what they think would be nice for the backyard. Hubby thinks an outdoor shower would be handy but the kids think that we really, REALLY need a water slide for the pool. Ahem...

I never thought I'd say this, but the pool has been a fantastic investment. The kids spend the hot summer days in or around the pool. If they're not in the pool, they're asking when can they go in the pool. They're both terrific swimmers and admittedly swim way better than I do. Amelia spends most of her time under water collecting things from the bottom. She is a girl who loves to dive down and retrieve... a little bit like golden retriever mermaid... if such a thing existed. She's recently discovered synchronised swimming and tried to convince her brother to participate. He's not keen to do what she says and lacks her grace under water, though what he lacks in grace, he makes up in height and can do handstands like a professional.


Mid Forward Roll

We recently got a cool little camera which can take photos under water. This is our new favourite thing to do. They go under and pose, while I take pictures (without getting my hair wet). It's a win, win.

Now, we just need this rain to clear so we can resume normal summer time activities in and around the pool... like running out of the water and heading straight to the trampoline to jump and dry off... and then straight back into the water... and back to the trampoline... and back to the pool... it's dizzying!

Do you have a backyard pool?

What is your pool maintenance routine? Daily? Weekly?

We'd love to hear any tips on how you keep your pool maintained and 'swim ready'.

Visit the KreepyKrauly Facebook page  for their latest news and to ask any questions about maintaining your swimming pool. Have a question, but not on Facebook? No problem! Visit the Kreepy Kraulycontact page.

Are you looking to buy a pool cleaning system? Now could be the perfect time with $10K up for grabs.


  1. Hi Anorina,wow your pool looks fantastic and this gadget looks like something you need to make your work a lot easier,enjoy your swimming time my friend xx

    1. Thanks Shez. It's meant to be another hot weekend, so we'll probably spend most of the weekend in there :)

  2. Hi there, love the pool! I know the kids are having a blast. I had one years ago and those pool sweepers are a God send.

    1. Yes absolutely. So much better that scooping out leaves (and bugs) manually.

  3. We have had our pool for nearly 20 yrs.I love spending time cleaning pool . Very relaxing( strange I know) Love the idea of having an automatic vacuum.

    1. LOL yes, strange... but you know, my husband says that he doesn’t mind doing it either.

  4. Wow, you seem to be very knowledgeable about pool safety inspection and Pool Cleanings... Thanks for the information you posted in your blog...


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