The Delectable Sparkle Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I joined The Fat Quarter Shop in sharing their 10 most popular video tutorials of 2015. It was fun to revisit some of these patterns... and to add a new twist. You know me, always looking for twists on originals.

One of the blocks was the Delectable Mountains block. I blogged about it HERE and included links to the block pattern.

It's an interesting block. With half of the block being blank space, I decided that I'd create a wall quilt with 4 of these blocks and a border.

I positioned them so that the blank halves were all joined in the centre and then appliqued some words. The Michael Miller fabrics which I used for the "mountains" are gold and silver shine on black, so I really wanted my words to reference shine or sparkle or glitter... I found this this little line on Pinterest, and loved it and they way it would fit on to the empty space. 

To create the words, I chose a font which I liked on a word-art document - Google documents are my favourite way to do this. The program is simple to use and includes a large selection of fonts. 

Then with my chosed font, I enlarged it. Outlined it. Flipped it. Printed it. Traced it on to bonding paper (eg Vliesofix or Heat n Bond etc). Fused it to the bright pink fabric. Cut out the letters and removed backing paper. Arranged the words to the centre of the space. Fused in place. Appliqued with matching pink Aurifil thread. Does that all make sense?

After adding a border, it was time to quilt. I chose a neutral thread (#2309) and quilted pebbles around the wording. I love pebble quilting. It's a great space filler, but geez it takes time... and a lot of thread.

I decided to NOT quilt the 'mountains' and echo quilted straight lines around the borders. I "stitched in the ditch" (URGH!!) and then I used my 1/4" machine foot to keep the lines even. This also took a little bit of time, swiveling the quilting a bazillion times, but I really like the result of the straight lines in combination with the free motion curves of the pebbles.

This wall quilt is now hanging in my home. It's a great reminder to us all - add a little bit of sparkle to everything you do and everywhere you go.


  1. Very nice! It must look just right in your home.

  2. Very nice! It must look just right in your home.


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