A Bed Makeover

A change is as good as a holiday, right? Early last year, we covered the head of an old bed for my little lady. The fabric was pink with sugary sweet stripes… and glitter. She loved it and was quite pleased with having a special one-of-a-kind bed.

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Bed Makeover in under 2 hours


But with such a busy bedhead and foot, we were limited to the quilts we could put on her bed. I made the Tween Life quilt, especially for her. It came back from the publishers (Down Under Quilts #169) and sat in the cupboard until the weather warmed up a little, and she didn’t want the big heavy doona.


Tween Life Quilt by Anorina Morris

I put the quilt on her bed and had to stand back from the clashing brightness of it all. There was only one thing to do – give her bed a makeover!

I headed into my local Spotlight store, bypassed my usual quilting fabric and went upstairs to the home decor section. I didn’t have a specific idea of what to buy, but when I found a silver basket weave fabric, I knew it was the one. It’s got pizazz and more grown up for my 8 (going on 18) year old girl and would be a lovely background for the bright quilt and any future bright quilts.


BedHead Makeover 1


Spotlight have such a huge range of decor fabrics and I honestly don’t spend nearly enough time up there browsing. I ended up buying some fabric to recover my bedhead too – but I’ll share that another day (when I get around to doing it). I also found some pink gingham cotton fabric (sheeting) which is super wide and will be make perfect quilt backs. Go and visit the decor section at your local Spotlight store – it’s a treasure trove!

To makeover the bedhead I removed the old fabric and as many staples as possible.

I purchased some thick polyester wadding and wrapped this over the front of the bed head, ensuring it went over the top and around the sides. I then had fun with my staple gun securing it all in place. I really must add one of those cool electric staple guns on to my Christmas wish list. Imagine the possibilities!


Bed Makeover 2


With the help of hubby, we wrapped and folded the fabric over the wadding, trimmed and stapled in place. The most difficult part is folding the fabric around the side so that it looks even and is taut, but with some perseverance it works. In all honesty, the back of the bedhead isn’t very pretty and if I was really inclined, I could create a cover to place on top of it to hide all of the raw edges, but the bed sits against the wall, so it’s perfectly fine.


Bed Makeover 1

The footer was made basically the same way, but without the wadding. It finishes beautifully with crisp edges.

And now her bed can be covered with a bold quilt, a bazillion bright pillows and soft toys without the need for sunglasses.

Have you ever covered your own bedhead?

Any tips or tricks you can share for anyone wanting to have a go at this?

Bed Makeover 3

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