Recycled Quilt Display {DIY}

I love to look at the local sale pages on Facebook. The things people sell are so varied and often unusual if not slightly whacky.

But then, there's the good stuff which you just happen upon. Right time, right place. Like this display cabinet for instance. I saw it and told the woman I would buy it... even before I had figured a way to get it home... or where it would go in the house.

It cost about $70 from memory and is solid wood. Very solid wood. Trust me, I had to help FlyBoy move it. 

My wonderful husband sanded it back and painted it white for me, just as I had requested.  We took a little time deciding where it would live. I'm still not 100% sure about the location, but I have a wonderful new space to store & display quilts.

Now, I just need to work on him to give the buffet & hutch the same sort of makeover!

Have you bought any fabulous items online lately?


Margo Yang said...

Last week, I stumbled upon your blog about the mini quilt in 2013. It was so cute that I had to make one. Here is the link to my blog that I showed the one I made. Thanks for sharing.

Margo Yang said...

Oh, BTW, love the treasure you found!

Jeneta said...

What a find! It looks wonderful in white.

sunny said...

It's beautiful! I would have bought it if I had been there.

barb's creations said...

Love it, I would have bought it too if I'd seen it :) Barb.

Dane said...

Bravo au mari, le meuble est très bien comme ça.

Tina Short said...

A great place for quilty displays. I would have had it in an instant too!
A few weeks ago I answered an ad for a chair, padded seat and back and wooden frame - FREE! I couldnt get in the car fast enough.
Dont know where it will go eventually, its (in the way) in the garage at the moment but I plan on sanding and painting it and recovering the seat and back.

KeyQuilter said...

I love it! Wish I could happen onto something like that!