Aussie Aurifil Club – June Reveal

When I received an email from Ms Midge asking if I’d be interested it choosing a colour bundle for the Aussie Aurifil Club, I took approximately 0.25 seconds before answering with a great, big, enormous, resounding YES!!!

Aurifil is my preferred cotton for all of my sewing. Whether it’s piecing with 50wt, quilting with 40wt or hand quilting and embroidery with 12wt, I think Aurifil is just the bees knees.

Saying yes to Ms Midge was the easy part. Deciding which 4 colours to include in the June bundle was the hard part. With 270 colours to choose from, I tried to think of which colours I’d like in my stash. What would work with the fabrics I love?

So here it is… introducing the Aussie Aurifil Club June Bundle - Cherry Skies

These colours work perfectly with some of my favourite Riley Blake and Moda fabric collections and I hope that you enjoy using these beautiful Aurifil cottons too.

If you signed up for the June bundle – YAY! You’ll be receiving your package from Ms Midge around the middle of the month.

If you’d like to receive a beautiful package of Aurifil thread next month, be sure to sign up to the Aussie Aurifil Club.

Now, back to Cherry Skies… can you see this colour bundle working with some beautiful Lori Holt or Bonnie & Camille fabrics? Yes, me too.


  1. Love the fabrics I haven't used Aurifil thread yet I thought it was a tad expensive I'm over in the U.K. x

  2. It IS a tad expensive. Nice thread though! Hubby says ya get what ya pay for!

  3. Gorgeous threads and fabric.

    I think you get what you pay for too.......but that doesn't mean I can afford to pay it :)


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