Letter to Santa

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Can you believe it's almost November? The countdown to Christmas will soon commence and by the end of it, we'll be frazzled messes. We'll have thrown random gifts into our shopping carts with limited regard as to what we're buying for our kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbours... just that need to get it done and to get out of the shopping centre.

Or is this just me? Every year I have the best of intentions to be organised and shop early for Christmas. I like to imagine that I'll be one of those wonderful gift-givers who breezes calmly through the aisles of my department store barely working up a sweat. I envision that I am one of those people who pays particular attention to what the recipient wants, needs or likes and buys appropriate gifts which will be loved and cherished. 

Admittedly, the reality is never quite what I imagine. I usually run out of time and impulse buy or stock up on gift cards. This year, it will be different... well the kids shopping at least... 

Mattel's new Letter To Santa website, means that kids can be involved in a little Santa magic this season and ensure they get their wish list to him this Christmas.

Letter to Santa is the perfect Christmas companion helping children select their Santa wish list online and in return, receive a message from Santa himself.

Letter to Santa is a handy tool for relatives and friends wanting gift inspiration or help this season. The lists are emailed to the parent, who can then forward this list on to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends etc. Plus, the email includes links  to where you can source the toys in your local area. What a great idea! 

After dinner this evening, my two sat down and chose their preferred toys : Monster High, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Batman etc. This part took a little while as there was much to look at, decide and choose. It's tough being a kid, isn't it?  

When they'd made their decisions, they clicked on to the next screen and wrote their letter to Santa. My little man was straight to the point whereas my little lady was a little more flowery with her writing and even added a few x's at the end for Santa.

We clicked on the next screen and I added my basic details (name, email etc) and had the option of entering the draw to win 1 of 500 toys. We entered of course and then when we clicked to the end, the end, the children were treated to a little personalised video from Santa himself.

Once they'd finished, I checked my email and wouldn't you know it, one of them had won a toy and the other hadn't. We don't know who it was, so they both went to bed excited with the knowledge that a toy would be arriving in our mail box in the next few weeks.

Do you have a little person who would like to choose some toys and write a letter to Santa? 

What is your Christmas shopping style? Organised or Frazzled?

What do YOU want for Christmas?

Help your kids choose some toys and write a letter to the big man in the red suit by visiting http://www.yourlettertosanta.com.au/ 


  1. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful idea.

  2. Thanks for sharing we just won too!! now excited to see what arrives.

  3. This is a great idea for the 'quiet' ones; the kids that keep their secret Christmas gift wants to themselves knowing that they don't have to tell their parents because Santa will know exactly what to bring them!


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