Stitched Blooms {Book Review}

Stitched Blooms by Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn how to embroider, or for a more advance needleworker, looking for inspiration and ideas.


Stitched Blooms Book


Stitched Blooms is divided into three main parts.

The Introduction includes the usual supplies and tools, preparation of fabric and threads etc… but one which stands out is the ‘Basic Colour Theory’ section. It gives a good pictorial explanation of the colour wheel and how choosing certain coloured thread, will influence the neighbouring colour threads and ultimately, the complete look of the design.

The introduction also includes a very good ‘Stitch Glossary’ with excellent photos explaining how each stitch is created. It includes the basics like running stitch and backstitch and some more advanced stitches, which will be fun to incorporate into designs, such as the maidenhair stitch, petal stitch and the buttonhole wheel stitch.


The next section is the Projects. 20 delightful projects to create. There is something for everyone to have a go at creating. and with fantastic images and instructions, these delightful projects look to be fun to complete.


Stitched Blooms  Blomma Bag


Each stitched motif has detailed instructions about colour and stitches required, to complete the design.


Stitched Blooms Motif



The final section of this book is the motifs. 300 beautiful designs to work with, plus a CD where motifs can be printed in any size and then mixed and matched to create new designs.


If you enjoy embroidery, or know someone who does, this book is a fantastic resource. Not only does it cover all of the basics about embroidery, including gorgeous projects, but it also provides the building blocks to creating your own designs and projects.


Stitched Blooms by Carina Envoldsen-Harris can be found at CanDo Books and Booktopia


ISBN: 9781454704256  -  Format: Hardcover  -  Number Of Pages: 128


And if you’d like more stitching inspiration by the very talented (and generous) author, visit Carina’s Craft Blog.


Stitched Blooms Candle Bags

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