Valentine’s Day 2013

I enjoy looking back at previous posts for certain times of the year.

Valentine’s Day 2011 and I was enjoying Michael Buble.

Valentine’s Day 2012 was spent with my little lady baking heart shaped cupcakes.


Love is all around 3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – we will be driving to a wedding in Victoria. As it’s such  a long drive (which we only just did a few weeks ago) we’ll be stopping half way. Valentine’s night will be spent in a town called Eden. Poetic, no?


How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Are you expecting romantic gestures from your special someone?


  1. I LOVE your circle "love" quilt above! We will be spending Valentine's Day at parent/teacher conferences and then out to dinner.

  2. Have a wonderful time. I'll be at my quilting groups sit and sew.

  3. I always think of my first Valentine's with my husband. We had only know each other since New Year's Day. He came to see me at work. That was after being to the dentist to have all but six of his teeth removed (football injury and drinking too much Coke!!). He looked more like he was ready for Halloween :) It obviously didn't bother me too much, we have just celebrated out 36th wedding anniversary.

  4. Wasn't expecting anything, nope nothing given at all, was going to go out decided to stay home going to be 37°C tomorrow in SA as well as Sat going out tom need to buy some bread. My niece was hurling christnas said she caught something while away i said she was pregnant she said she wasn't found out yesterday that she's expecting her first child thinking strongly a girl or twins boy and girl. She's had really bad experiences with guys but was married in a muslim marraige still waiting for family wedding only her mum and dad were just invited he wanted a family straight away she dudn't had a plan for a years time i believe he switched her birth control pills only her parents have met him.... how he didn't want to come to our family gathering he has now met my two eldest sisters as my sister gave my niece her bosses number and name as was unemployed he's working at her work since after christmas .... i'm always right about things and.hoping ...well done want to say as my various doctors specialists are asian indian sri lanka muslim catholic etc i'm highly psychic don't like what i'm seeing and sensing family members and others know how exact what i've known for years decades etc eventuate dreading what i'm seeing....

    Have a great fantastic Valentines day take care of the heat weather have a great fab day tomorrow cheers!

  5. Eden is one of my favourite places on the East Coast - I hope you had a great night there! (It's the killer whale capital of Australia!)

    Love this quilt - but that should go without typing really...


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