Wordless Wednesday – Gardening with kids

Planting Day
18 November 2012

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24 November 2012
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26 November 2012
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27 November 2012
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29 November 2012
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3 December 2012
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We were gifted this set of the Little Gardner range for kids and were not required to post about it – but I wanted to. The kids have really enjoyed planting their garden and more importantly, watching it grow – SUPER QUICKLY!

The Little Gardeners range Grow & Create Pots, include everything required to grow a plant (plus a brightly coloured reusable plant pot). They also come packaged with sticker sheets for kids to personalise their own mini garden in a pot, as well as activity sheets with games, quizzes and colouring in.

These cool new kids’ products can be found in the gardening aisles of Bunnings, Kmart and independent garden retailers and are a great way to keep children occupied at home during the school holidays.

For growing tips and other new ideas for your new flourishing garden, visit the new website: www.mrfothergills.com.au

Do your kids like to garden and watch things grow?

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  1. What a good idea - my girls would love that.

  2. they are so cool. we have a big vegie patch so my daughter is right into growing things.
    visiting via ww. your newest liker. love you to pop by and say hello.

  3. Look at your proud little gardeners! We have a large raised vege garden that we all love. The boys love eating the produce more than they love the growing of it, but they are eating vegetables so I am pretty happy! They are really enjoying corn at the moment.

  4. These look great! We have just moved back into our home after a huge renovation and are planning a vegie garden! I can't wait to get the kids into it!

  5. They look like a great idea for the kids, fun to do over the holidays. Have to have a look out for them.

  6. what great idea that is!!!! Totally cool for the holidays!!!

  7. wow that looks like a great project for children

  8. That looks like a lot of fun!

  9. My DD,aged 26, is trying valiantly (with two very active boys under three) to get a long neglected garden back into some semblance of order. Both boys are too young to understand the concept of waiting but they both love harvesting -- especially mulberries and strawberries.

    Those kits look like fabulous fun for kids!

  10. Our sunflowers grew within days too.
    We haven't been home long enough to plant out the rest (and keep them watered)

    Thanks for linking up x
    Trish -


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