New Moda Precuts

Just listed in my little e-Store are some brand new Moda precuts.

Honey Honey is the newest range by Kate Spain

Honey Honey by Kate Spain - Dessert Roll

The colours of Honey Honey are sweet and if fabric could be delicious, then Honey Honey definitely fits in the delicious category.

Also now in my store is the much anticipated new range by Sweetwater called Noteworthy.


Noteworthy by Sweetwater - Collage


Beautiful prints and summery colours. Pure happiness!


Noteworthy by Sweetwater - F8 Bundle


Ticklish by Me & My Sister Designs is bright and lots of fun.


Ticklish - Collage 2


Simple Marks is the newest range by Malka Dubrawsky. The colours are darker than her previous range (A Stitch in Color) but the prints are just as beautiful.


Simple Marks by Malka Dubrawsky - Collage


Mod Century by Jenn Ski has also been added to my eStore. Fun, funky and perfect for fun holiday projects.


Mod Century by Jen Ski - Collage


  1. Anorina! You are killing me! I love Sweetwater....Would love to get some Notebook! Need that money tree LOL


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