On My Book Shelf

This week over at ASWC, we’re sharing our book shelves – well not the shelves themselves. Rather, what crafty books we have on our shelves.

I love quilting books and have a large collections of books and magazines. I can’t help buying more – though space is limited.

When I’m in need of inspiration, I love flicking through quilting books. I don’t necessarily make projects from all of these books. I just love to look at the photos and imagine. Imagine the quilts made with different fabrics. Different colours. They make me happy.

My absolute favourite quilting books are these lovely ones by Sarah Fielke and Kathy Doughty.



And what is a quilt book library without copies of the publications in which your projects have been published??



Do you have a large quilt book library?

What is your ALL-TIME FAVOURITE quilting book?


  1. Probably have too big a library. Have a 5 shelf unit, with one shelf full of cross stitch books, another shelf with knitting, another with crocheting, and the other two are full of sewing related books. On top of that I have a 3 shelf unit totally full of quilting books, and to top that all off, there are probably 50=100 waiting for a bookshelf! on the floor in front of my shelves......... Maybe too obsessive?

  2. Oh wow Maria, you do love craft books.
    I aspire to have shelves and shelves of them too

  3. I have a reasonable collection of knitting books for which the blogging community is mostly to blame! I had no idea that such beautiful books existed and then I was introduced to the Book Depository with its cheaprt prices and free shipping! I discovered the Kinokuniya bookshop in Sydney all by myself and my small collection of crochet books comes from there. I have started a collection of quilting books; Modern Blocks is fabulous but my most favourite, for the sheer joy it gives me, is Out of the Box by Mary Lou Weidman.

  4. This look looks beautiful. I do not have a quilting book to my name. When I go to our book store, I'm dying to buy one, but at 20 to 40 dollars a book, I just can't bring myself to do it. i often go to thrift store here, and look around. I've found 5 vintage sewing books, but no new quilting books.


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