You know you’re a good driver when…

I had one of those proud driving moments yesterday. You know the ones I mean, don’t you? The ones where you surprise, even yourself.

My lovely Black Beauty – BB (otherwise known as a Ford Territory) was going into my local dealership for some servicing. BB is a fantastic car, and has never let us down - but sometimes, BB does need a little TLC.

Hubby drove BB to the service centre while I drove his car. Hubs car is a little station wagon. It’s old and clunky but it does the job. It’s European design, which means that the blinkers and wipers are on the wrong sides. Well not wrong. Opposite to what I’m used to. Figuring out how to turn on the headlights and adjust the side mirrors almost requires an engineering degree. Almost.

I dropped Sam at school and then drove over to pick up hubs with my little lady in the back. It was raining then drizzling then raining then nothing…  wipers were required which maybe meant I was driving slower than normal, trying to work out how the wipers sped up and slowed down. Plus getting the back one to turn on. I have since worked it out. That’s not the awesomeness – read on.

We drove through school zones (40km/h) regular street zones (60 km/h) and the freeway (100km/h). We went through round-a-bouts and traffic lights. I picked up the man, and on the return trip home, we decided to drive the curving, slow and bumpy back road; past farms and bushland – just for fun. One day we’d like to live in a more rural area and often like to drive back this way, to have a bit of a day dream.

I needed to go to the post office, so parked in my local shopping centre. We got out and closed the doors. Start walking away and I look back at the car just to double check the doors were locked (do you do that too? Double and triple check everything?) and I notice a pair of pliers on the roof of the car.


Apparently these babies had been sitting on the roof of the car since before I even left home.

Husband says it is the fantastic rubber handles which kept them in place (in the rain?) but I say it’s my brilliant driving skills.

What is your proud driving moment?


  1. fantastic!! since you are in australia, did you hear about this young american mom who left her baby in the carseat on the roof of her car and drove off, well the car seat didn't stick like the pliers!!

  2. Once as a bridesmaid, I left my bouquet on too of the wedding car...the bride made us go bak and try and find it...I did, a lady had picked it up and wa walking home with it.

  3. Of course it's because you're a good driver!


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