Big Ones vs Little Ones (EPP hexagons that is)

Saturday was a wet and miserable day – it rained all day. The type of rain that’s light but constant. The rain was okay though. I was at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. Something which I’d been looking forward to all year, but almost didn’t attend. Thankfully the rain meant that the kids weekend sports were cancelled, which mean quilt fair – guilt free!

I arrived at the fair late in the morning, so right from the get-go, my time was limited. I did a quick walk around and sat down to listen to a couple workshops (which are great for idea and tired, sore feet).

I looked at the gorgeous stands which were inspirational and the itch to go home and sew was growing by the minute. I bought a 2.5” hexagon template and a large seam ripper. These purchases were really on a whim.

I picked up the kids from the grandparents house (can you imagine the torture of a 6 and 4 year old at a quilt fair???) and once everyone was settled in bed, I started playing with my new template.



Three of these large hexagons fit on a sheet of A4 printer paper. This larger hexagon is perfect for large scale prints. I’m thinking Kaffe Fassett or Amy Butler would work well.

I auditioned my stash and decided to play with a FQ of Gypsy Bandana by Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics.


Michael Miller Gypsy Bandana


The large hexagons were glued so while I waited for them to dry, I decided to use the left over small medallion prints – and made some 1” hexagons.

Quite a difference, isn’t there?



I enjoy having an evening stitching project. It’s been a while since I’ve made hexagons and my love of them is quickly returning.



I have a tonne of photos to share with you, but I’m saving those for my Wordless Wednesday post. Come back on Wednesday, to see some of the pretty quilts which were on display at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair.

Do you make EPP hexagons?

Do you have a project in mind for your hexagons, or do you make them for fun (like me)?


One day, I will make enough EPP hexagons to use in a project… one day…


  1. you should have emailed me we could have met up......I was there Saturday......amazing quilt hanging in the exhibition..........

  2. I have made a Hexagon quilt. From the Vignette Mag. It's on my blog under the completed quilts tap if you wanted to have a look. I am also thingking about a smaller version ... oneday!

  3. I generally don't like hexagons at all but there was a fabulous quilt in the Show that was based on hexagons that really inspired me.

    I, too, was glad of the wet weather on Saturday, it meant the people in my sock-knitting workshop were pleased to be inside and not thinking about the gardening they could/should be doing!

  4. I've got several different things going on with my hexies. One is a piece where I'm sewing together only one of each fabric - no repeats - and I have no idea where it will go or how big it will be. For the other, I'm doing sets of four (same fabric) and will make a quilt of those. I've made several mug rugs, too.

  5. I am making 1/2" hexie flowers. All have the same fabric centre with one fabric for the 6 petals...maybe for a mini rainbow grandmothers garden quilt. One day, no hurry!

  6. I love EPP hexagons. I have a GoBaby that cuts hexagons really quickly but I still love doing it by hand. It is very therapeutic I think.
    Also if you can find one I would strongly recommend a surgical seam ripper - I love mine, it cuts through anything and it gets into the really tight stitches very neatly. If you want to see a photo of one let me know and I will send you a photo of mine.
    Glad you had a great time at the craft fair.


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