The Zakka Revolution

Have you joined the Zakka Revolution yet?

To be honest, I’m not a fan on linen – but truth be told, I’ve never tried sewing with it. I’ve only ever worn it… during hot summer days.

I have a copy of the Zakka Style book and have enjoyed looking through all of the gorgeous pictures and gaining a lot of inspiration.

I have approximately 1/2 yard of linen fabric which I bought from Hawthorne Threads in a scrap bag.

Just on a side note – if you want to buy a bag of gorgeous surprises, visit Hawthorne Threads. Their scrap bags are fantastic value. I’ve bought a few over the last couple of years and am always super impressed.

I googled (as you do) and my 1/2 yard of linen and found out that it is Isso Ecco & Heart Flower Natural.


Isso Ecco & Heart Flower Natural


I shall team it up with some monochromatic prints – possible in the lime green or red.

And I hope to make a couple of these Zakka Patchwork Pot Holders.


Zakka Patchwork Pot Holder


And look and the back view, they even have pockets for your hands!!


Zakka Patchwork Pot Holder pocket


Wish me luck! The linen is beckoning… okay, actually it’s not. Perhaps it’s time for another cup of tea… to build up my strength (and courage).


Have you joined the Zakka revolution yet?


  1. i love the book Anorina,i am in the middle of making the bag with the zig zag pattern.xx

    1. I love that zig zag pattern too.
      Do you use linen for the project?

  2. Such a coincidence I just picked up some isso and Ecco from the post office. I'd never heard if the designer until 2 weeks ago and then saw some at Patchwork n play blog and now here! Must be the In thing. Love those pot holders!

    1. They're funky aren't they. I've almost finished one. Almost...

  3. No, I haven't joined. I'm not even sure what the fuss is about - but I do like those pot holders!

  4. I haven't joined the sew-along but I did get the book. I'm in the process of making the sewing kits =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  5. I stumbled on the sew-along, and bought the book - I love it! And I even pulled my one piece of linen out of the storage box and moved it to my work station (meaning there's more chance of something happening with it.)


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