Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury

Can fabric be delicious? I think so.

Trade Winds is the latest collection by Lily Ashbury. If you loved Summer House, you’ll adore Trade Winds.

Here’s just a small selection of prints available in this range. The colours are AMAZING.

Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury


Picture an ancient market in Zanzibar. Traders from Ceylon have crossed the Indian ocean braving the Barbary Coast pirates. They make their way to Zanzibar where they can trade spice for colourful cloth and other exotic treasures from far away lands.

“ Trade Winds” captures the spirit of new discovery, and historic trade. Modern designs in vivid colours mix with ancient visual flavours to create a rich and timeless collection.

Trade Winds Layer Cake


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Coming soon – the much anticipated range… Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater


  1. Oh darn it, my fat quarters of Trade Winds just arrived. I absolutely love this line.

  2. Oh wow! There's quite a variety in patterns in that collection, isn't there?


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