Quilted Tea Cosy

It’s purple week at And Sew We Craft, and I’ve jumped into the purple theme, gingerly.

I like purple… sometimes. I covers my favourite brand of chocolate, so it can’t be all bad – right?

This week, my contribution is this purple (and aqua) quilted tea pot cosy.



I used this tutorial from MessyJesse for a 4 cup cosy. I know there are a lot of other tutorials out there – many with a lot of intricate detail. So, so pretty.

“Purple Cosy” was my prototype. I plan on making more of these lovelies.

Small ones which could be used as mug cosies. If you’re like me, you don’t really get to finish a cup of coffee while its hot, so imagine being able to cover your cup, with a cute quilted cover?

My brain is already turning over with ideas!

Other than a family block of Cadburys, what is your next favourite purple thing?




  1. Anything purple is my favourite. Thats a cute tea cosy.

  2. To be honest I have trouble coping with purple. No idea why but it's my least favourite colour! Of course, I'm okay with it on certain chocolate bars. ;)

    Hey, was that your tweet I saw on The Voice last night???

  3. lol,i dont have anything purple.xx

  4. Right now, the fleece zip up jacket I am wearing done up all the way to the chin! I hate the cold!

  5. Such a cute tea cosy, I love it!

  6. Love the cosy! Such happy fabrics. Purple doesn't hit my radar much, but one DD's fave colour is purple, & the other DD goes for Fremantle Dockers...


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