Moves like Jagger

Queue the strobe lights, smoke machine and disco ball…

Next up, it’s the music, with heavy, HEAVY bass…

A super hyped up DJ to get the crowd revved up…

Add to that a heap of underage kids showing off their dance moves…

No, I’m not talking about some flash nightclub in the city…

I’m actually talking about last nights school disco, held at Sam’s school.

When I picked Sam up after school, all the kids were so excited. All I heard from everyone as they raced home to change into the “cool” clothes was, “see you at the disco”.

The P & F held 2 disco’s in the school hall last night. One for the Kindy to Year 2 kids, which started at 4:30 and went on until 6:00 and then the big kids had their groove time, from 6:30pm.

The girls wore their pretty dresses and bling. So much sparkle on so many little people.

The boys, couldn’t really do the sparkle thing (to which my son was devastated), so they had a lot of hair product - to compensate.

Girls with bling and boys with big hair and their best Transformers T-Shirts.
Sam Disco

Too soon it was all over. The kids were all picked up and gushed about how AMAZING it was.

We formed an orderly queue (out the driveway and down the road) at the local Macca’s, for our loose change meals and headed home.

My son loves to dance and told me he danced with lots of girls and some of the boys. If there is one thing he’s not, it’s being shy. Give him some space and he’ll show you his “Moves like Jagger”…


  1. love it ,how sweet its great that the kids can enjoy themselves doing the things that they love to do.xx

  2. How cute does he look. So proud of him self to be going to a disco. Sounds like all the kids had an awesome time. Wonder when my kids school will hold a disco.

  3. How much fun would that be! I can't see how anyone can sit still when 'Moves Like Jagger' is on. I admit I just played it & had a very vigourous chair bogey to it. One of the cats got so surprised he came over to watch. They even played that song as a bit of a stretch & dance for all participants between speakers at the last conference I went too. It was definately the highlight! Tracee xx

  4. Ha Ha Quilt Kitty I just did the same thing!

    Love when the kids still love school activities!

  5. I'm sure they love it. We have one at our school to and so far I've held off letting them go. I keep thinking their to young for a disco. Mummy will have to let them grow up one day :(

  6. Glad he had a good time!


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