Berry Quilt Show

Last Sunday we went to the Berry Markets. You can read about our day here.

On the same day, about 100 metres down the road, was also the Berry Quilt show. What are the chances, right?

I left Mr and the kiddies outside - eating cakes as it turned out, while I went in to have a look at the beautiful quilts on display.

Here are a few happy snaps. Sorry I don’t know all of the quilters names. If you see a quilt which you recognize, please let me know.





Also, I discovered that Sarah Fielke will be teaching at the local patchwork store in September. I love Sarah’s work and will be trying my best to go to the weekend retreat.


Here are a few of Sarah’s quilts which were on display – the projects appear in her book, “From Little Things”. Love, love, LOVE them!

My photos do not do the quilts justice. Seriously!


The Night Garden



I really wish they’d given the quilts more space, but I guess the room wasn’t big enough to display everything.


Peaks and Troughs



A Step Down




The Woodpile



So, who wants to come to the quilting weekend? More information can be found HERE on the Berry Patchwork website.


  1. lovely Anorina.xx

  2. wow such great quilts! Love the mix of colours and patterns =D

  3. Wow that second one blew my mind it's gorgeous! I bet there was a bit of reverse sewing in the making of that!


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