Berry Markets

Whenever I see the ad for Berry Markets, I think to myself “we should go to that”. But something always crops up and we don’t go. I saw the ad again on Friday and thought “we should go to that”. Sunday rolled around and it looked like it would be a beautiful autumn day.

After almost a week away, hubby was home (YAY!!), so we got organised and packed everyone in the car and headed down the coast, to Berry.

Berry is a gorgeous little town approximately 40 minutes south of Wollongong, in NSW. Set amongst rolling green hills with the Cambewarra range providing a stunning backdrop, the landscape is unparalleled in NSW.

The town is renowned for its pastoral setting but now, it is the gorgeous shopping and the cafes which set it apart.

It’s a place where hubby and I have talked about retiring to. It’s not too far from the city - just far enough.

Berry Market is held the first Sunday of every month and has approximately 200 stalls selling  hand made / hand produced products, arts and crafts, locally grown vegetables and produce, collectables, books, plants, leather goods, clothing and many other interesting stalls to browse.

We walked and browsed and walked and browsed. Stopping whenever something caught our eye (which was often).

The boys like to taste test all of the different food samples. From Fudge to Dukkah, they’re both willing to give anything a try.
Fudge - Berry Markets
Amelia and I liked to “ooh” and “aah” at all of the pretty handmade things.

Both kids took some pocket money to spend. It was burning a hole in their pockets. Seriously!


Amelia chose this very cute little wind mill. With so many cute ones to choose from, it took a little bit of time to decide.


Sam opted to buy cakes for both himself and his sister. Awwwwww!! Yes, too cute! They ate them too quickly for a photo though.


All in all, it was a beautiful, family day. If you’re in the area or in Sydney and looking for something to do, I highly recommend the Berry Markets.


Do you love Markets?
What / Where is your local market?


  1. I do LOVE markets. Looks awesome :)

  2. lots of lovely pics and so glad you all had a great time,we only have small markets here if we want to there are bigger ones in melbourne.xx

  3. Oooh! Fairy floss - I love fairy floss! Haven't had it for ages!

  4. Berry markets are our best Markets, Gerringong is a close 2nd. Next time you go let me know I can meet you there, only 20 minutes away for me.


  5. Wow that market looks so cool! Love all the cute looking stalls.
    I'm in the UK we have various markets that go on daily and boot fairs at the weekends.
    There are a few indoor markets too which are fun to have a look round =D

  6. Love Berry. I'd love to move there too. Luckily it's close enough for a day trip in the meantime. It's especially lovely in the Autumn.

  7. That looks like fun!

    Penrith has a market every Wednesday but it's much the same as going to Paddy's on a smaller scale. Penrith also has a Farmers' Market on the first Saturday of the month which is quite small.

    Fairfield has a hige market every Saturday at the Showgrounds. Castle Hill has an amazing Farmers' Market but my most favourite Farmers' Market is in Bathurst! And my favourite "other" market is the Bus Depot in Canberra.


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