Tooth Fairy Cushion {Tutorial}

Yesterday, he was a baby. I remember when he cut his first little toothy peg.
Well today, he lost that tooth. My baby is growing up. Too quickly!

I made this little hanging cushion with a pocket, which he can hang on the end of his bed or on his door knob.

Toothfairy cushion 6

It’s for the tooth fairy’s visit tonight (and in future). She’ll take his tooth and leave some cash in that little pocket.

Mummy (me) will them email the tooth fairy to send back that tooth so we can put it in his treasure box.

Tooth Fairy Cushion

2 x 5” squares of fabric
2” x 4” piece of fabric (pocket)
Ribbon (optional)
Polyester filling or something to stuff the little cushion

Toothfairy Cushion 1 (900x675)

Fold 1/8” along the long side of the pocket and press

Toothfairy Cushion 2 (900x675)

I’m sewing the pocket on the corner of the cushion (to try to keep most of the little airplane designs intact), though this pocket can go anywhere on the cushion and will probably look better in the centre. If you do it this way, you would fold another 1/8” along the other long side of the pocket fabric.

Fold in half and place on the corner of the print square. Top stitch it down to the print fabric.

The picture below will explain it better

Tooth Fairy Cushion

If you’re going to use ribbon, now is the time to pin it in place

Toothfairy cushion 3 (900x675)

Place the backing fabric on top – right sides together and stitch along the top  using a 1/4” seam.

Toothfairy cushion 4 (675x900)

Sew along the bottom next, making sure you move the ribbon out of the way. The stitch along one side and finally sew the remaining side, ensuring you leave a small gap to turn out the cushion.

Clip the corners and turn it out. Use a pencil or knitting needle to poke out the corners so you have lovely points.

Stuff with the polyester filling

Toothfairy cushion 5 (900x675)

Slip stitch it closed and then stand back an admire your work.

Show it to your toothless child and let them admire your work.

Put the tooth in the pocket, hang it and wait for it to fill with cash by the morning.


If you make a Tooth Fairy Cushion, I’d love to see some pictures. Feel free to add them to my Samelia’s Mum Flickr group HERE.


  1. How Cute! What an awesome mummy!

  2. WOW the cost of teeth has gone up a lot since my children were little... guess that's inflation for you. The Tooth fairy pillow is great especially with $5.00 in it for your little man. Great work :)

  3. what a great idea Anorina,i think i had better make some of these,thankyou for the idea.xx

  4. This boy is very cute. What is the name of this boy?

    1. Bit of a random comment, isn't it? The point of this post is the Tooth Fairy cushion.

  5. just such a lovely idea .... well done ....

  6. What an awesome idea!! LOVE IT!! My son is 5 1/2 so i'm assuming he will be losing his first tooth in the not too distant future, I'm going to definately steal this idea! Thanks!

  7. My partner had a tooth out last weekend and I told him he should leave it out for the tooth fairy. I could have whipped up this cute bag if I'd see it. Such a great idea!

  8. It’s a very beautiful bag. What is the cost of this bag?

  9. Just pinned it, it is so cute.


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