Momo + French General = Up For Grabs!

It’s giveaway time. Some beautiful charm packs are up for grabs. Oh Deer by Momo and Petite Odile by French General.

No, not here… the giveaways are being held at two of my Aussie quilter friends blogs.

Kristy at Quiet Play has a charm pack of Oh Deer by Momo, up for grabs.


Oh Deer by Momo - Charm Pack


I love Momo and am absolutely inspired by this range of fabric.

Did you know that it’s a pre-release charm pack giveaway? Oh Deer is not due for release until August 2012. Yes!!

Click HERE to go to Kristy’s giveaway post.


Oh deer fabrics


Ready for the next giveaway?

Fiona from Finding Fifth has a charm pack of Petite Odile by French General to giveaway.



Petite Odile is more of a traditional palette and you can enter Fiona’s giveaway by clicking THIS link.



So tell me, I’m curious – do you prefer the more contemporary fabric ranges or are you a traditional quilter?




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  1. I prefer the contemporary fabric. Though traditional has it's uses. it's all too floral for me =D

  2. I'm modern/contemporary, all the way.

  3. I swing both ways! It depends on the line completely. I guess that is why I have a love affair with Denyse Schmidt fabrics - they seem to swing both ways too!

  4. I prefer the contemporary but I can imagine some lovely winter goodies using the more traditional colours :)

  5. I like both; depends on what I want to make; which quilt pattern I have in mind,

  6. Thanks for the link Anorina - plus the extras you popped in the charm pack parcel! :)

    I'm definitely loving the contemporary ranges - and I think I'll be back to your shop for some more Oh Deer. It is just so cute!

  7. Contemporary for sure!

  8. I usually choose what I think would work best with the project I've decided to work on...but I love both!

  9. I do both though like contemporary fabrics even when make a more traditional block.

    1. Yes I love that look too. Traditional blocks with modern fabrics.

  10. I must be the odd one out, as I've got such ecclectic tastes, I like a mix of both!


  11. I love both but use them for different projects, so either I am not fussy or just can't make up my mind which to use.

  12. You know, I love contemporary, but my FAVE fabrics are 30's replicas! I'm not su much into the reproduction stuff and dark and give me a bright fun print thanks! :)

  13. I tend to favor more contemporary designs, but when used in a new way, I love traditionals too. And.....there's a place for traditionals in the winter for me; maybe they are more contemplative! Thanks for the linky tips!

  14. Usually contemporary, but I really love 30's fabrics. :)

  15. I tend to let the material make my decision, but I love both! I tend to buy more contempovary though.

  16. i love fabric but i love the old quilt patterns

  17. I'm 50 and live in Dallas, Tx. I've been quilting less than a year. I like dots and stripes but for the most part like half-traditional and half-contemporary. I like contemporary colors but I think I'm allergic to solids. (grin) I don't like those small florals (I can't remember what people call them). So maybe I'm a mixture???


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