The Tuck-Shop Mum Edition

I'm a mum who likes to be involved with my children's school...

P&F, Spring Fair stall co-coordinator, I attend school assemblies... and today I'm a canteen mum (or as we say here in Australia, a tuck-shop mum).

My son brings a couple of his friends over to the canteen at lunch time, so I can buy them ice- blocks. He thinks I rock. They think I rock.

What can I say, I rock!!

Those blue/green/red things are called TNT's. The kids buy these things like they're going out of fashion. Seriously, love them.

Are you a tuck-shop mum? 
Or are you involved in your children's school in other ways?



  1. Our school doesn't have a tuckshop/canteen, we get lunch orders delivered on Mondays and Fridays from a local bakery, or did until they had a fire - everything is on hold now.

    I volunteered to run the parent club last year but have stepped down this year as it was almost a full time job.

    Am helping a friend do a special lunch day for the kids at the end of term. We've organised Sushi rolls and it is surprisingly popular.

    Other than that I volunteer in class and do the once a term book club orders through scholastic.

  2. I am DEFINITELY a canteen mum. Once at month at each of the schools our kids attend. Used to be active in & attend P&F meeting before I started night work. Our meetings for both schools are at night. I do attend assemblies, help organise school fetes, help with ordering & wrapping gifts for mother's day, father's day & Xmas stalls, have helped in the library, have served morning tea to parents at kindy info & orientation sessions, you name it, I will help with it! As a result, the teachers know me, the principal knows me (I wonder if our youngest will be accepted in kindy for next year lol!), the kids realise that I KNOW EVERYONE so they can't get away with any mischief, as I will always find out! LOVE the community spirit of the primary school - high school is harder for me as all their stuff is at night......& a teenage boy does not want his mother there during the day for anything except canteen! I grew up with a mother who was involved with my school, so I guess it rubbed off onto me!

  3. Yep, reading in the classroom, canteen duty, P&C, I'm into it all. :)

  4. I see that tuckshop food is still much the same!

    I didn't get involved in my child's schooling because I taught at the school for five years and didn't want the kids to feel that a former teacher was returning! I did however get involved in DD's outside school activities.


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