Tula Pink is my WEAKNESS!!

So, I was chatting to some of my Australian quilty friends on Facebook the other day.

Someone mentioned that Tula Pink fabric was on sale – 50% off.

So me, being a fabric-aholic with minimal will power, went over to the website for a little “look”.

Well of course that little look, turned into a purchase.

Fabric-aholic with no will power, remember.

I picked up all of these 1/2 yards for around $35 Australian (plus postage).


Tula Pink Fabric


Seeing as I can’t buy these fabrics locally, I was super pleased with myself and my super savvy buying prowess.


Well, the other night, there was chatter on Twitter about “Quilts from THE HOUSE of Tula Pink” - the new book by Tula Pink (released this month).

I figured I may as well buy the book, to use the fabrics, right?


It’s now on order. I’ll give the postal service about a week to get it here and then I’ll begin stalking my postman.


When it comes to fabric or quilting books, are you strong… or weak, just like me?


  1. Oh I'm sooooooo weak!! LOL :) I will use any reason to justify a fabric purchase :)

  2. I am soo weak ! I can't resist a good sale or fabric that I really need...
    Just last night, I found some Henna Garden in a couple of colors and bought half yards of everything I could find...

  3. Weak, weak, weak! I gave up buying fabric for lent, and have found myself on more than one occaision in line at the cutting counter! Now, so far I have managed to walk away without anything, but it frightens me how many times I have had a conversation with myself trying to rationalize a purchase. Terrible!

    1. We gave up chips (crisps) for lent - much easier than giving up fabric.

  4. Ooh u need to share your fabric shop coz I want some too. Plse plse plse:)

  5. Weak. Very, very weak. Hence the new storage shelf on which my fabric stash is to now live. Once I fold it all that is ;)

  6. Weak, practically helpless. I love Fabric Worm and Etsy, and have a hard time saying no to my inner sewer.

  7. So weak it's almost a crime! As long as I produce quilts the hubbie doesn't complain....much.

  8. Definitely weak! How cruel is that to tell me Tula Pink fabric is half price, but not where!! Boo hoo ;)

  9. Well I will join the chorus of no will power - today I bought some stripy fabric reduced to $4 a metre the 30% off at Spotlight, this fabric will go to make bias tape with the new Simplicity tape maker I bought from Punch with Judy at Rosehill on Friday. I should blog about that shouldn't I!
    My real weakness is books - not just craft or knitting but SciFi and fantasy, Lord of the Rings etc or history novels like Kate Mosse Labyrinth set 12th and 21st century in Carcassonne in the south of France.

  10. Books are easy for me to pass up but pretty fabric on sale is not!

  11. Weak as water. I don't have children, so all of that college tuition money that I would have had to raise for kids I spend on fabric. I think my fabric stash is a freshman now...

  12. that is a hard one! I am very tight with $, but if something is a great deal i am weak!! if i am with my Honeyman and i point out what a great deal it is....i end up with more than what i would have purchased if i were by myself!! he is my enabler!!LOL

  13. Ohhh Im weak, especially when you see the 10%-50% off sales lol...but its like a retirement investment no??? lol

  14. VERY WEEK I got myself some Tula Pink in Parisville .yippee.
    and now im going to have to have that book !

  15. So incredibly weak! Sad, sad, sad. I have Tula Pink's book. I was pleased with it. I would definitely love to have more of her fabric in my stash. Have fun.


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