String Blocks in Aqua and Red

I’m a sucker for many things… chocolate, cuddles, fabric sales and joining quilting bees.

I’d told myself I wouldn’t join any quilting bees this year, so I could concentrate on my own sewing… but with the teensiest little bit of peer pressure, I succumbed and joined the new bee. It’s a local bee with some fellow Australian quilters on Facebook.

Our first block is for Waverlee and is a string block with the white centre strip and then alternating red & aqua strips. The finished block is squared off at 8”.

I’d never tried this style of block, and soon discovered that it was a lot of fun. My scrap tub is massive and I could possibly diminish it by making something like this. If you’ve never made a string block, we used THIS tutorial from Film in the Fridge.

Here are my string blocks:


QCA #2 Bee - Feb - Waverlee


I did notice a surprising lack of aqua fabrics in my stash. Must remedy that, soon.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the March Bee block. I started to make it (just to get a feel for it) and then couldn’t stop. It’s a fun one.

My bee month is July and I’m trying to decide what block I would like. I’m thinking perhaps something in the star family.

Do you bee?


  1. I do love string quilts, in fact I have an ongoing project in a little altered vanity case that I pull out every now & then to do. I have never tried it in just two colours though.

  2. I am in two bees this year, which is fun for me! I already had my month in January and I'm making a wonky house/tree quilt. My next month is May, and I'm making a quilt from the block party book. Not sure of the name of the quilt, but it is the gray quilt with purple triangles. Looking forward to it! I'm also doing a Farmer's Wife Sampler Swap with a blog friend (we divided up the blocks and shared fabrics). And last, but not least, I am doing one quilt along so far. I'll probably do another later this year, but in the summer I plan to hang out at the pool from open to close with my kids, so I won't get as much sewing done:) My middle daughter will be old enough for preschool this fall, so maybe if she goes I could have even more sewing time in the night if I get more stuff done at home during the day, but we'll see. They're only young once, and she doesn't seem too keen on nursery school at this point.

    I'm off to make my oldest a Cat in the Hat frock for Read Across America. It will be my first attempt at making those popular boutique looking dresses for sale on Etsy. Wish me luck!

  3. Love your blocks!
    I am not in any bees this year. I kind of miss it too.

  4. I do bee :)
    But just in one bee because I don't have time with school. I might try to get into one this summer !!

    I love your blocks :)

  5. One of my favorite color combos. Nicely done.

  6. I'm just starting my first bee - finished up my first block for February :) It's such fun! I love the aqua/red combo too.

  7. I've just joined my first ever 'hive' and am doing a Modern block bee....Yikes, most of my fabric is far from being considered modern...dammit, I'll just HAVE to buy some fabric hee hee hee



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