Sunday Stash – Hawaii Edition

As some of you may already know, my husband travels for work. Literally travels. He’s a commercial pilot and travels both domestically and internationally. When he’s got a trip to Honolulu, he thinks of the Mai Tai’s and warm tropical weather, while I rub my hands together and think of all of the shopping he can do for me while he’s there.

Fabric and quilting supplies in Australia have been coming down in price in recent years but it is still an expensive hobby… especially when you’re a fabric-a-holic (like me). 

I bundled the kids into the car yesterday afternoon and we drove up to the airport to pick up daddy. It is kind of cool to drive up to arrivals and see him standing there waiting for us, dressed in his full uniform. I love a man in uniform, don’t you??

Anyways, we drove home and the kids stood around while daddy opened his bag, waiting to see what goodies he’d brought back. Jeans (because they’re so cheap there), kids shirts with Cars 2, Mario Brothers, Scooby Doo and Rapunzel on them plus some toys – yay!

My little bundle of happiness includes these great caps that hubby had made for me. He was walking by a store that stitches on a design while you wait. He wanted “Samelias Mum Quilts” to go on there, but letter “Q” wasn’t working properly, so he chose the word “Designs”. I love them! Perfect for summertime.

Samelia's Mum

Some American quilting magazines


A ring to hold all of quilting rulers. I’ve been nagging for a little while about getting some hooks put up so I can hang them out of the way, and he discovered this instead. 


Plus this great HST and QST ruler. He knows my love for half square triangles and saw this ruler and figured I’d like it. I’m looking forward to trying it out… maybe using my new fabric. Aren’t these aqua and white dots on a black background absolutely gorgeous??


The black, white, red and grey swirly designs are so fabulous. He definitely knows my favourite colour combinations. He did good. Very good!

Plus some spotty fat quarters at only $1 each. That’s about 90c Australian. Wow!!! Can you imagine buying a FQ in Australia for only 90c? 

I love spots. The charcoal and grey is my favourite I think.


Perhaps I should make a HST quilt with all spotty fabrics. Hmm.. now there’s a challenge I’m seriously going to contemplate.



  1. Aw! Great to have him home and to get some goodies! :)

  2. Lovely additions to your stash.

    He's definitely a keeper!

  3. Wow! You lucky girl - a man in uniform who does crafty shopping! And gets the right things too!

  4. What a great hubby! Have fun with all the goodies.

  5. All I've got to say is...
    What a man!!!

  6. Now that is one great husband! You are a lucky girl. He really did a great job choosing things for you.

  7. You have hime very well trained! I think he may be a keeper.

  8. Wow! That's quite a stash you got there!!Err..can your hubby do a tutorial for other hubbys on how to shop for their wives?! Lucky you :))

  9. What a lucky girl you are. Those gifts are wonderful and your DH has an eye to choose fabrics. I imagine what i would get if I asked my DH to buy me some...LOL!!!

  10. What a lucky lucky girl you are - and not just in the goodies you received...what a fantastic hubby collecting all that stuff together for you!!
    I am loving that swirly fabric!! Enjoy!

  11. Lovely gifts... he's a keeper methinks... nice to have him home I'm sure...

  12. Lucky you!
    You've got him well trained!!!!

  13. Wow, what a man. I cannot believe he went into a quilt shop and picked some really nice things. You must be soul mates. P.S I would love to see HST's done in polka dots.

  14. I can only say "Wow...WOW.....and WOWZA!!!" Unless he reads your blog (don't want him getting a big head or anything.....)then I'll have to say "Is that it? ANY guy could do THAT" -- ***that is total tongue in cheek and meant as sarcasm*** You're a lucky girl!!!

  15. what a great husband you have! I can only imagine if my husband went fabric shopping for me :) Let's just say I haven't spent any time training him nad things would not be pretty.

  16. Can he take shopping lists for the rest of us jealous quilters.

  17. wonderful pressies!!! I love the spots too!!! My hubby travels alot too and I shopping tonight to have some lovely fabric delivered to his hotel for next week - but I'd never thought of the quilting mags too!! thank you!!! Enjoy your goodies!


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