Qantas Pilots (keep their jobs in Australia)

“When you board a Qantas flight, you expect a Qantas pilot”

You may have heard in the media recently, that Qantas pilots are on the verge of protected industrial action, for the first time in over 40 years.

This is a subject very close to my heart as my husband is Qantas pilot. I’ve heard what is being said in the media and it all seems very one-sided – Qantas Corporation sided. So I thought I’d use my little bit of the blogosphere to highlight the other side – the pilots position.



From the Qantas pilots website:

Pilots are also hoping that protected industrial action will make the public aware of what current Qantas management is planning to do with the cherished airline. The public overwhelmingly wants their Qantas flights operated by Australian Qantas pilots, who they trust have been developed through the Qantas safety culture.

However, in recent years, Qantas pilots have grown concerned about a new management strategy to replace Australian Qantas pilots with outsourced and offshore alternatives. This move is not in the interests of pilots, passengers or, ultimately, profits.

To protect their flying, Qantas pilots, through their professional association, AIPA (Australian and International Pilots Association), are pressing to get a ‘Qantas flight/Qantas pilot clause’ included in their new three-year enterprise agreement.

So what can you do to help?

Take some action and sign the petition HERE


“When I board a Qantas flight I expect a Qantas pilot at the controls. I do not approve of Qantas management eroding this crucial aspect of the brand. Qantas pilots have developed a unique safety culture over 90 years. I want to see that culture preserved for future generations of Qantas passengers.”



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Quiltjane said...

I signed the petition. I have flown QANTAS over 30 years. Keep the jobs in the country. Keep a QANTAS pilot flying those planes.

Lynne said...

Of course I want a QANTAS pilot if I pay the extra to fly QANTAS. What if I ended up with a pilot from a less safe airline, like the one recently grounded?

RobynLouise said...

QANTAS is virtually a national icon and their great safety record is why people fly with them....of course we want QANTAS pilots. Off to sign the petition now.

RobynLouise said...

I had a good look at the website and it's informative and well laid out. I am curious who is paying for it.

Cass said...

Petition signed. :)

Flying High said...

Just to play devil's advocate here - my husband flies for a world renowned international airline (which is no way unsafe) and would love to work in Australia, but he can't, as all the jobs are protected for Australian pilots. On the flip side, we come from the UK, where lots of Australian pilots work - for BA, Virgin, etc. Anyone can work in the UK, and yet we can't work in Oz. Seems unfair to me, especially since Qantas is short of pilots.

Pauline said...

I signed the petition too. One only needs to look at the Tiger Airways debacle currently under investigation to see that not all pilots are trained the same.

Quilt Kitty said...

Signed the petition & posted the website & story to Facebook. Keep Qantas Australian (says the Kiwi, who is now more Aussie than Kiwi). Tracee xx