Hairy Egg Head - Kids Craft

My kids love craft. This pleases me to no end. The fact that they're creative makes me smile. They have inherited a little bit of me.

Master 5 loves to raid the recycle bin and with the aid of a a tonne of sticky tape or glue, make rocket ships, cars and machines. Miss 3 is into painting and drawing. She loves glue and sparkles, glitter, sequins. My girl loves bling.

 A couple of weeks ago, we made these hairy eggheads at playgroup. The kids love checking on them everyday to see if they've grown any more.

 They're easy to make and I think this is a great craft for kids over the age of 2 (with a little help).

What you'll need:

A well washed empty egg shell with the top cut off.
Cotton Balls
Seeds - we've used mustard seed and sprouts. You can also use wheat or rye.
Permanent marker
Egg carton cup - to sit your little eggheads.

How to make your egg head:

Using your permanent marker, draw a little face on your egghead.
Place a few cotton balls into the empty egg shell.
Pour in some water so that they're moist - but not swimming in water. Probably around a tablespoon.

Now pour in about 20-ish seeds on to the top of the cotton ball. We've used mustard seeds and sprouts.

Keep them in a sheltered area out of the wind. Ours sit on the hutch next to our gold fish.

Within about 12 hours you will see the small seeds open up and begin to sprout.
By the end of the week, your eggheads will have a full head of hair.

The kids love this craft because they see results quite quickly.

Happy crafting!


  1. Great idea .
    LOL my almost 5yrs old boys love sticky tape and find it where ever I hide it or duct tape or medical tape too.

    I am going to try it with sprouts.
    Can you eat them ?

  2. Cool! wish I had this idea when my kids were little. :)

    Have a great week!

    God bless and keep you,


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