Do you love gadgets?

I enjoy making pot holders. Or depending where you're from, it could be called a hot pad. They're a quick project that are scrap happy... and let's face it, who doesn't need pot holders? Pretty little hot pads to hang off the little hooks right near your stove.

Making the little loopy hangers, for the corner has always been my most unfavourite part of the process. A few weeks ago, I was shopping at my local habby store (Spotlight) when I discovered this fabulous gadget.

It's called an Eyelet Plier. It cost less than $10. I'm in love.

You just make a little tiny hole where you want the eyelet to go (I just  folded over the fabric and made a tiny snip with sharp pointy scissors).

You then put one of the little eyelets (or doo-dads as I call them) into the hole. Use the plier to squeeze the eyelet into place and bingo! A perfect little eyelet is attached and your pot holder can now be hung right where you need it.

I made this little pot holder to include in the parcel, with my doll quilt, to my Down Under Doll Quilt Swap partner.

Lot's of wonky straight line quilting. I just attached the walking foot, and pressed the pedal - with no hands. If you've never tried it, have a go. It's really quite therapeutic.

All ready to package and post to Victoria in the morning. I hope she likes it :-)


  1. Cool! Gonna have to look for a pair of my own now, thanks for the tip!

  2. good job. love my eyelet maker. I use it for making drawstring gift bags, esp at Christmas. May I recommend ironing a little square of fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric BEFORE putting in the eyelet. It really helps stabilize the area.

  3. I have never used my eyelet maker for pot holders ,usually gift bags and the like. they look good . will have to keep that in mind.
    I've always been a gadget girl, if it makes it easier or better I'm all for it.

  4. I'm known amongst my friends as the Gadget Queen! *grin* What a great idea for pot holders! I wonder if I still have that gadget buried somewhere in the sewing room? Oh, and congrats on being published in Handmade. I love your quilt.

  5. I agree, congratulations on your project in Handmade... You clever girl.. That is a great idea, I wonder if I have one tucked away some where forgotten about!! Love the pot holder..

  6. I've looked at those things at spotlight, but haven't bought one yet, I think I have to now! Would be great if you are making the cloth books for toddlers too!


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