More AQC snaps

As the title suggests, here are some more AQC snaps.

 Isn't the quilting on this swan amazing?

Brilliant colours and perfectly pointy points

Crazy Patchwork

 Isn't this a beautiful scene? And to think it's a quilt.

A rainbow of colour with many different techniques. Spectacular!

Now, after seeing all of these inspirational quilts, I'm heading out for some shopping around Melbourne. I've been directed to some great fabric and quilt stores, so I'm going to make the most of a beautiful Saturday morning. Have a lovely weekend xo


  1. Happy shopping! Look forward to seeing what you buy! Glad you enjoyed the Quilt Convention too!

  2. OMG just stunning

  3. Great quilts, that last one is just amazing!

  4. Thank you so much for these posts. Great to see the quilts.

  5. The last great quilt is by the US tutor Carol Taylor - Google her as she is wonderful. The ones of children at play are by Ruth de Vos from WA. When showing other people's work it is always best to put their names on the work.

    The crazy patchwork is Linda Steele.


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