Family Holiday + Winner Announced

I'm feeling relaxed right now. It's family holiday time - Yay!!

I've spent the afternoon fishing with my other half with my magnificent new hot pink fishing rod. Don't you love it? Lucky for me, baiting the hook and taking any silly old fish that ends up on my hook, is hubby's job.

We're staying in a beautiful part of the world called Lake Conjola. It's on the south coast of NSW - approximately 3 hours south of Sydney. It's tranquil with lot's of clean fresh country air.

We're renting one of these holiday cabins (though we are seriously considering buying one for future family holidays). Yes I was standing on this floating pier whilst fishing. Lucky I didn't catch a big one or I'm sure I would have gone for a swim.

The sun has now set - and it was quite breath taking. I'm sure this photo does not do it justice.

The kids are asleep and hubby has gone back downstairs to fish again - to catch a big one this time. I think he's just enjoying the serenity (and not having me or the kids to pester him). I've been working my way through some Pinot Grigio and some Cadburys Caramello.

Don't you love relaxed family holidays? What are you doing for your Easter break - or should I say Spring break?

Ahhhh the serenity

Now it's time for some hexagons. I have to work on my swap hexy for my April partner.

Before I go and finish off my wine and chocolate, the winner of the Handy Manny DVD is:

Congratulations Tracee! Please email me your postal address and this DVD will be on it's way to you soon.

It's FYBF or for the uninitiated, it's Flog Yo Blog Friday. Pop on over and visit some bloggers, flogging their blogs, with Glowless :-)
Happy Friday everyone xo


  1. Ahh...your vacation sounds wonderful. I could use a little vino and serenity right now. Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks Anorina, my workmates little daughters, 2 & 4 are going to love this DVD. Tracee xx

  3. wine, choccy and time out away from the hussle bussle
    ahhh, the serenity ;-)
    Make sure that photos goes in the pool room ;-)

  4. That sunset photo is divine... as is the chocolate and wine pic :)

  5. Where did you buy the hot pink fishing rod?


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