AQC - Happy Snaps

I was lucky enough to go to the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) yesterday and thought I'd show you some of my happy snaps. It was very very crowded so alot of the time it was a quick snap in between people walking past so I apologise now if they're not the best of quality :-)

 Starting with one of my favourites...
 I don't exactly know why this one captured my imagination...
 but it's very striking, don't you think?
The English side of the family (my husbands side) are appreciative of this one...
 plus it reminded me of Lily's Quilts
Hexagon Quilt because I know someone who is a hexiculturalist (is that how you spell it?)

 This dynamic series of 5 quilts by Diane Firth explore the elements - fire, earth, water and air.

The Convention was held at the Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton Gardens. It's a beautiful building, so I thought some photos of the actual ceiling and walls were necessary too.

I have lot's more photos to show you... but I'll save them for another day.


  1. Fantastic snaps. It must have been so wonderful to wonder through all that 'quiltiness'. Thanks for the hexi picture. I think I spell it hexaculturalist. 'I' or 'A' they are still beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the photos! I like that you've shown us a variety of styles. The building is so beautiful, I've done a few exhibits there for the International Flower and Garden Show and just being in the space is inspiring. Have fun in Melbourne.

  3. beautiful quilts,glad you had a good day.

  4. Oh wow Kaffe Union Jacks - that is so beautiful. The funny thing is I've made union jacks in Whimsy but my next project, and I've just ordered the fabrics yesterday, is for crazy union jacks in bright clashing colours and this is in amazing inspiration. what a fabulous quilt. Thank you!

  5. So jealous! Thanks for the pictures - I'll pretend I was there instead of escorting the boys around the museum this morning...

  6. Wonderful display and I especially loved that first quilt , wow that is immpressive .The building is amazing , what a place for a quilt show !

  7. Thanks for posting on the AQC; I wish I had attended but I am in South Africa at the moment .. the quilts are magnificent.


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